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Default Re: Optimus Prime : Legendary Autobot Leader [vol.2]

Originally Posted by SymbioteKal-El View Post
Optimus was astonishingly awesome in this, its just a shame he wasnt in it for the whole movie, as you can never have enough Optimus Prime.

Kicked ass in the fight scene's though, we finally got the badass Prime we have all been waiting for since 2007.
I agree, Optimus should have been around for the entire movie, and thankfully when he had screen time, it WAS the BEST!!

Originally Posted by Smegger56 View Post
Everytime Optimus was in the film, I was excited to watch him. When he wasn't on screen, i was not interested.

IMO, Optimus saved this film. He was so BAD ASS in it. They really used him well. Great character and great voice (well done Peter Cullen).

The best scene, IMO, was seeing him fight 3 or 4 decptacons and then being killed. Wow, I felt like i was watching the 86 film again. I choked up.

Absolutely!! My cousin and I went to see the film again in IMAX and during the fight scene we're both on the edges of our seats like we're going to jump in and help Prime, wished I could, but my favorite parts of the film without question had Prime in them, but the rest of the bots kept my attention as well. I've found the more I've seen it, the better I like it!!
Primes Rises to the top as always, and as it should be!!

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