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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

to be fair... the avengers currently on the team, don't really have secret identities in the comics at the time of Civil War anyway... the identities part of civil war was truly only an issue for street level heroes. It was a moral argument for everyone else FORCE people to serve.

the current mcu really have no loved ones outside of shield or that they can't protect on their own to worry about an identity leak.

I think the argument for "no secret identities" is kinda redundant at this point because these same characters didn't have SI's in the books at the time either... CW shouldn't come into play until we have some street level heroes established, and have seen more of the MCU.

-Winter Soldier
-Ant-Man (if they want him on an anti-reg side)
-Wasp (if they want her on an anti-reg side)
-Doctor Strange

are all coming soon which 3 of those 5 were anti-reg....

there's also rumblings of Heroes for Hire coming (which would cement a decent anti-reg team) it'd be smaller scale than the books.. but it still could happen by the end of Phase 3

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