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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

The Total Film article is worth a look at. First off Wolverine ranked #18 in the their fifty greatest heroes, ahead of Spider-Man (#25) but behind Superman (#12) and Batman (#6).

In terms of the actual article:

- Jackman refers to "trying to set it up as a standalone picture". So who knows how much connection to DOFP or the previous films it will have.
- The movie's stunt team is called 8711 who worked on the Expendables and Haywire (couldn't find out what else).
- His claws will be real accept for fight scenes where they will be CGI for safety reasons.
- Mangold compares the "physicality" to the French Connection, The Outlaw Josey Wales and the Bourne films.
- Mangold prepared for the film by watching old samurai films, presumably the ones he cited as influences on Twitter.

The other points a more spoilery so:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

- Wolverine travels to Japan to investigate the death of a "mysterious figure from his past" and meets Mariko etc.
- An early set piece is fight between Wolverine and "hordes of heavily-tattooed, katana-wielding Yakaza" at a traditional Japanese funeral during which Wolverine disarms an opponent by stabbing them through the bicep, which sounds brilliant .
- Mariko can defend herself, Okamoto says "she does some karate and knife-throwing".
- Silver Samurai is the illegitimate son of Shingen and a Japanese mutant, I'm interested to see who his mother ends up being, I'm pretty sure she's never featured in the comics.
- Viper will have the ability to teleport. So another teleporting mutant by the look of it, it's turning into quite a common ability! Definitely a deviation from the comics.

There's a few other things but those are the main new points I think.

Generally stuff to feel positive about. I'm definitely feeling cautiously optimistic about the film.

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