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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by SuperDaniel View Post
At least in Smallville Clark saves people out of his own will since episode 1. He whines yes but he is still a good character and always been a hero, saving lives, trying to make a difference.
I saw no evidence that E1 Clark wasn't saving lives and making a difference strictly from the shadows before the start of the story.
Clark in Earth One cheats to get a good job on sports or science, hurts a robber with his heat vision, doesn`t care about a burning building or even uses his super-breath to stop the fire. He just grabs his personal belongings and flys off. HOW SUPERMAN!
1: E1 Clark was offered everything, but accepted nothing. 2: Twin Towers incident. E1 Clark never did anything like that. Oh how Superman

Earth One is a complete failure in my eyes because the characterizations ARE so wrong. Even Jimmy seems more heroic than Superman. And he is older than Clark. JMS got it all wrong.

Just read the interview in the end. It seems Clark is talking to a goddamn kid who uses slangs and all. Its just WEIRD. That is NOT the Superman I admire.
If he's not YOUR Superman, fine then. But don't try to say Smallville is any better at understanding the characters

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