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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

You guys are going to think I'm nuts for writing this much about a small issue. But its a huge issue that cheapens the reveal at the end of the movie.

There is something that has bothered me that I have not seen anyone bring up over the summer regarding one of this year's biggest and most polarizing movie: The Dark Knight Rises. My problem that baffles me regards what I assume to be a semi-plot-hole that has not been mentioned by anyone. By your definition, I'm not even sure if it is a plot hole but it is a glaring contradiction.

Here it goes:

When Bruce comes back to Gotham after spending some time in Bane's "home" he meets up with Selina Kyle and together they go and meet up with Lucius Fox who is being guarded by Bane's men/League of Shadows while also being accompanied by Miranda Tate (who we learn at the end of the movie is really running the show as Talia). Sorry for that rather large sentence. So Bruce reveals he is back in Gotham and that he is alive which is very important to the plot and the characters. Bruce leaves Fox and Tate and goes off somewhere else with Selina.

The movie skips a scene or two and we are next at the Gordon/Ice scene where Bruce shows up as Batman, takes out the League "ninjas" and tells Gordon to light a puddle of gasoline with a flare. The flare ignites a flame that spreads up the side of a bridge to reveal a giant flaming bat-symbol. Cut to Bane who says "Impossible. Keep the girl close, he will come for her."

And that is my problem. Maybe I am reading too much into this but for the plot to work it has to have some logical sense. Ok, so Miranda is revealed to be Talia al Ghul at the end. Now that we know this, we know Talia saw Bruce when he first came back from the pit prison so we can safely assume that Talia told Bane that Bruce was back in town. But why was Bane surprised when he saw the flaming bat-symbol and why did the audience need to see him act out a charade amongst HIS MEN who already KNOW the full scope of Talia/Bane's plan. Thats just really goofy and kind of a movie-fake out meant to push you away from suspecting Miranda Tate is in fact Talia al Ghul while you are watching the movie. The only way I can see this working was if Fox was shown amongst Bane and his men during that moment which would give a reason for that ridiculous charade.

Is this a plot hole? Is it a continuity error? Is this asking audiences that are rewatching the movie for ___ number of times to take a leap of logic? Or is this lazy writing? Please tell me what this is and if I am crazy for being the only one talking about this contradiction.


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