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Default Re: Who thought SM2 was Overrated?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Elaborate, please.
Imo, it brought, at the time, unparalleled violence to a super hero, that previously not been used (with maybe the exception of the original Batman), in terms of the realism of the fights. Spiderman suit actually got messed up, and blood was loss. Secondly it was one of the first Super hero movies to show how the hero's powers were affecting everybody else and his surroundings, in a not so positive way. Lastly, it really gave you a sense of the guy behind the mask, and the realism of the depth of the protagonist as his regular identity during the train fight. Spiderman 2 is one of the best superhero movie of all times, unlike a lot of super hero flicks, it manages to capture the essence of the human side, which intern leaves it to be more realistic.

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