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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Yesterday, I was able to obtain a PVC cap to put on the CO2 adapter assembly. Today I will build the fluid canister and put on the cap. I will also, today, drill a hole in the cap to put the needle-coupling assembly onto. I will also look around for my spring-loader, considering I have no idea where it is. If I ultimately can't find it, I will just get a new one.

I also, today, wanted to talk about the cost of my S.P.I.D.E.R. It is actually not all that expensive.

I got the casing for free, it was just good fortune that there was one lying around. I also had the wire, solder and iron just because I had them.

Now on to the things I actually had to buy. I had to buy the PCBs, sockets, and microcontrollers. The PCB was 3.99 at RadioShack, the sockets were 1.48 each, and the Microcontrollers you can get on for 3.10 each.
So, I've only spent about 7.60 so far when looking at just that. The next thing is the PVC. The PVC I'm using was either 0.39 per foot, or 0.69 per foot, depending on where I bought it. I spent 2.79 on the thinner PVC and 0.78 on the thicker kind.
Total cost only around 11.20 on the web shooter. Now, onto the spring-loaded valve. Binaca canister cost only about 1.39 at any grocery store. Then, I also had the PVC glue to glue it all together. That's about 12.60

I also had to buy the bushings, couplings, and fitting. The bushings were 0.79 each. I bought 2. That means I have spent about 14.20. The caps were 0.69 at the hardware store, I bought 2. This makes a spending amount of around 15.60.
The spinnerette I actually got out of a broken soap dispenser thing I found. So that was free.
So, total, the only money I have really spent is $15.60. That doesn't include shipping or taxes, though, so I guess we can round up to $20.

The solenoids will cost about 11.00 each, so that brings it up to 42 dollars or so. Then I will just need a few more couplings and fittings, and some sports needles. The sports needles are 2 dollars at the store, but I already had some anyway.
So, right now I have spent about $20 on the device. That is total. The end cost will be somewhere around $48, not including the formula.
For what this is really worth, I say that's a fair price.

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