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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 2

Originally Posted by Samwise Gamgee View Post
^ Re. Raven: You made an observation that "if you look at the picture Raven is in, ALL of the other characters are playable." I agree w/ your opinion that this probably makes her more likely to be playable. Also, her moves are likely very similar to some of the more magically inclined MK9 characters...MK9 had a lot of them (Quan Chi, Noob, Ermac) and did that very well; I don't see them shying away from the opportunity to add a similar playing character here.

Re. Alt Skins: I've been checking out the Red Son story in preparation for the game. It's a pretty cool story. If you haven't seen it check out this youtube motion comic: link

Anyone have any wish list as far as alternate character skins?

My wishlist:
classic costumes for all
new 52 for at least Green Lantern, Aquaman, and catwoman
bizzaro superman alt for superman
supergirl alt for power girl
john stewart alt for hal jordan
yeah, I've been reading up on Noob Saibot's and Ermac's movesets, and a lot of that reminds me of what Raven could do. so, I could really see her being a combo of Noob and Ermac. the template for her character already exists.

as for costumes and alt skins, I'd be fine with what you listed.

for Raven in particular, they should have her "white robe" costume. if she does have the pale/gray skin as her normal look, they could include a normal skin tone alt as well as an "evil red" skin one ( with the 4 demon eyes ).

also, her new 52 costume has a rather elaborate, bird-armor look to it, so perhaps that could include that in Injustice or something similar. NRS does like the armored look, after

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