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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 2

It is said in the article that Joker is much like the Arkham Asylum version, but lacks giggly, insane charm, substituting it for more conventional menace. Bane is described with an Columbian accent. Cyborg's first line in the story mode is "I'm Cyborg, folks, hello!" Suggesting that this is just the beginning of the stroy mode. Catwoman is seen facing off with Nightwing, but Nightwing is the mystery character behind Bane. Lastly, Bane is seen walking towards Batman.

So far there is no mention of Shazam. They didnt state if they saw him in a cut scene like Raven, it just says "Billy Batson's a teenage boy with the power to transform into a muscled superhero" Thats about all the article talks about, besides what the game is and how it works.

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