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Default Re: future Superman/JL films must have DARKSEID, cast him !!!!

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I'm also a kind of traditionalist, but i imagine Darkseid as having some makeup with CGI on top of it.
First, big ups to everyone who weighed in !

Dude, that would work, but you would need an actor of immense stature.
I reckon Michael Clarke Duncan could have done it, but none of the other
guys who have the right voice are up to it.

If Benedict Cumberbatch can do the movements and voice of Smaug,
I reckon one of those other guys can do the same, and do Darkseid all CGI.

Darkseid doesn't have to do any fancy moves so someone like James Earl Jones could certainly do the motion capture (if he could channel his Thusla Doom vibe from Conan, he'd absolutely kill it).

Which actor would you choose bro ?

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