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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - Part 40

Originally Posted by X Knight View Post
and I think Punk himself has said he prefers to be a heel. it's more natural to him.

and it's kind of ironic, since I'm a Superman fan. if you compare Punk to John Cena, people will say Cena is more the "Superman" character while Punk is more like "Batman."

I don't dislike "Superman Cena," but I just feel he needs that "tough edge" that he's lacking.

and maybe that's why I'm liking the MOS Superman. Look at the recent Superman images. They portray strength, toughness, and the sense that this Superman means business.
Yes he definitely is the Batman to Cena's Superman, which is probably why their rivalry is so good (it helps that their in ring chemistry is undeniably awesome).

But yeah Cena's Superman persona feels more like a critique or a representation of the critique of superman in modern times. He's too strong, he's too righteous he's just plain boring. It's why I hope the internal conflict doesn't end with Man of Steel, that he doesn't just realise how good he is and in the end he's the superman we all know and love, I want the doubt and the conflict to stay with him and help shape him throughout the trilogy (if there is one). Maybe the Lois story in this film takes a bit of a backseat so it can be delved into a bit more in the 2nd film.

(that off topic change from Wrestling to Man of steel was masterful btw)

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