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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

Originally Posted by MovieMaster View Post
I don't think it was so much the plot, more so the editing and pacing dragged and bored me to death for the first two acts. Honestly, Copley carried the entire movie and was the damn standout. Plus, maybe it was just my crap local cinema, but I couldn't make out what any of the characters were saying for most of it. Funnily enough I could only really hear Foster's character lol
I could hear everyone perfectly well...

If the film dragged for you that's fine, but that's more of a taste thing I think, cause it definitely didn't bore me... I was riveted from start to finish.

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
Well the central plot is kind of... strange? Apparently rebooting Elysium allows Foster to become president. How exactly that works is never sufficiently explained.
The way it came across to me, was that Elysium was more than just the place, it was the name of the computer system that basically acted as government of the whole world.

The Elysium computer system controlled all the robots on earth, and controlled the order of things and people within the heirarchy on Earth and Elysium too.

So when it was created, it was programmed to recognise the President as the person with the most authority, highest levels of clearance etc.

Of course, the only person capable of altering that, would be the person who was responsible for creating the computer system in the first place.

Because he had the power to reset the system and alter who Elysium recognises as the President.

Just like in the end they could alter who Elysium recognises as citizens.

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