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Default Re: 2013 CBM Film Super Villain Rumble

Got a "Zod" complex ! LOL (well maybe not LOL, but come on, it was
a bit funny).

Anyway, I think Zod could pretty much dismember Aldrich Killian (the
guy got taken out by Iron Man's secretary) and the Silver Samurai
would be in pieces, or possibly bent and twisted into a toothpick.

Now Malekith has the potential, with the Aether to take Zod out.
But given that Thor was able to stand up to Aether blasts, Zod could too.
(I created a whole thread related to the superman vs Thor thing, so don't get me started on who's stronger or more invulnerable).

Anyway, Malekith doesn't dig light, well Zod loves his heat vision. Apparently to melt stuff as fast as h-vision does in MOS, it must be
nearly as hot as the sun. And given that Zod has no reservations about
killing anyone who's not Kryptonian, without hesitation, he'd either splatter
Malekith with his super strength and speed, or incinerate him with a blast of heat vision - remember Thor's lightning burned Malekith, and Zod's h-vision is a lot hotter.

So battle-wise, everyone ends up kneeling before Zod !

(btw, if it was Faora, the fights would be even shorter, she's more badass than Zod !)

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