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Default Re: 2013 CBM Film Super Villain Rumble

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post

Anyway, I think Zod could pretty much dismember Aldrich Killian (QUOTE]

Now I would actually pay to see that. I really hate Aldrich Killian and not in a good he's the villain sort of way.

Tru dat ! A great villain is one you either sympathize with, and almost want
to win OR one you hate so much, you can't wait to see him die.
Aldrich Killian, was just.....lame. Somehow the ability to breathe fire
is much cooler in the comics, not so much on the big screen.

Yup, it would be satisfying to see Zod turn him into extremis splatter.
For ****'s sake, Tony Stark's secretary took him out ....LAME !!!!

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