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Default Re: What about Geoff Johns?

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Considering that the Donner movies are now influencing the Superman comics big time and they've had a huge impact on the Superman mythos I'd say that people shouldn't cut the s*** with the Donnerverse. Even 30 years later it is still a very relevant piece of Superman unlike the Burton/Schumaker Batman films which aren't even 20 years old.

Although with the reception the Dark Knight is getting, I can see DC Nolanizing the Batman comics in the near future just like they're Donnerizing the Superman comics.

I think that is a huge testament to Donner's film. I always get a little frustrated when people bash Singer with comments like "Singer only knows the Donner universe. Or STM is all the research he did."

STM and what Donner did was another spin on the mythos and clearly made people fans of Superman. As you said hippie, it has made an impact on comic writers as well.

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