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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

The reason i bring up critics is because of just how bad the scores were. If it was in the 70's or high 60's no one would really care but its rotten. look at every possible list you can find about top films of the year, decade, all time, IMDB top 250, Rollingstone etc. .and try to find me a film in any of those lists that have a rotten rating or below 60 metacritic score. Like it or not, those ratings closely mirror film quality in general.

Bays Transformers have a huge disparity between critic and audience ratings..huge. But you don't see people around here praising those films do you? And its the same people who used the 'box-office doesn't equal quality' argument against IM3 that are now doing a u-turn and using that argument to support MOS. Its just funny.

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