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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Downey gave his best Tony Stark in IM3, Black infused more heart and varieties of emotion in his film, the Mandarin twist was ****ing hilarious, and the film had great offbeat moments of humor and chaos. The script in IM3 was miles above MOS, and IM3 was simply more clever. Just a solid movie all around. MOS was decent, but minimized its intelligence to appease to popcorn munching Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

Not even really far to judge these two, as one is a third installment and one is the first. I doubt MOS could come up with a better third installment, and IM1 is better than MOS in every filmmaking sense (minus the over abundance of bombastic action).

I think Thor 2 will beat them both, personally as well as critically.

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