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Default Re: Community - Part 3

Originally Posted by runawayboulder View Post
Anybody who says that Chevy wasn't funny on the show is lost. He was funny, he's a funny guy. The fact that he was a massive d-bag skews your vision. He was disruptive to the rest of the cast and had to go, sure.....but to say he wasn't even funny on the show.....? You must have not been paying attention.

It's a moot point anyway, the show is likely done after this season. The 2 episodes that he's not in are probable mixed into the season. It will probably seem like he's there to the end. They could have filmed the season finale already for all we know just to hasten his exit.
The most sensible post I've seen regarding Chevy. Its weird how people are hoo raying when he's basically gonna be there until the end. The only people who benefit from this are the cast and crew he was in conflict with.

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