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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Jean and Cyclops aren't gonna be resurrected like magic just because the past and future are changed especially the Sentinel program/Trask Industries have nothing to do with them.

If they appear at the end of the movie, I think it will probably because of something different (related to the plot of the next movie), not because they altered the timeline.

Cyc is gonna be back by the end of this flick. When Singer says "Fix" he's mostly talking about one thing. If Cyclops wasn't dead, there would really be minimal issues to carry on. He's the biggest issue.

If the studio or Singer does not use this chance to bring back Scott then we are ****ed. He is essential for the future of this franchise. X-Men without Scott Summers is some flat out bull ****.

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