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Default Re: The Official Thor News and Set Pics Thread

Thor: God of Thunder Q/A - 2nd Trailer premiere & More:

Q1) I know you guys are releasing info on December but will that include gameplay videos of Thor game for 360 and PS3?

Sega: "You will get to see more gameplay footage from all the different versions starting in December and throughout the months that follow."

Q2) Will Thor throw his hammer in the 360 and PS3 version and how does this mechanic work?

Sega: "Yes, Thor can throw his hammer in all versions of the game. The way it works depends on the version of the game."

Q3) Will we see some alternate costumes for Thor in this game?

Sega: "Yes, there will be several alternate costumes to unlock."

Q4) Will there be any cheat codes for the game (we really need some)?

Sega: "We're not a big fans of cheat codes, but one never knows. ;-)"

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