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Default Re: Will MOS Be A Standalone Film Or A Trilogy?

Originally Posted by ComptonTerry90 View Post
Yeah X Men is still going.....and pretty badly lol. I cant stand X Men beyond X2. Yes, I said I dont like First Class. I am one of the very few.
I guess I just proved YOUR point, that past a trilogy things get messy. Still, somebody needs to have the courage to do it. The problem is having changing directors etc etc. That screws everything up. The first 2 X Men were great. and if Bryan Singer had stayed it likely that that X3 would have been very good, and most certainly better than what we got at least.
It’s one thing with having the courage of doing something innovating if they have a plan to back it up. Like others have said, most actors wouldn’t want to stay attached to a franchise for that long and by the time the third film arrives, it’d be reasonable to assume that bringing back most of the main cast would be expensive if their popularity has risen since; not to mention that they wouldn’t be getting any younger.

Also, unless the story was planned out from the beginning to be a saga instead of a trilogy, it’d be difficult to keep coming up with stronger threats that don’t feel repetitive and such. Trilogies imho follow the three act structure of any story, hence why they work: They have a beginning, middle, and end.

For me, it's quality over quantity.

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