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Default Re: Will MOS Be A Standalone Film Or A Trilogy?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
As far as I know, Nolan's Batman is the only superhero trilogy. How can that be too much?

The rest are just franchises that were screwed in the third movie.

But the superhero franchises that are only about seuqels. Well, I'm sick of that since it is always the case and they NEVER end up well.

But, as you say, the more movies they do the uglier everything gets. That's when the idea is to stretch everything without an aim but only keep making sequels.

And the "right time, right team and right amount of time without pressure" thing does simply not exist.
As I said after my rant, Im not expecting it to happen in all practicality. Its kind of a dream I have, for either this or the new Spiderman. I dont really expect it, and also as I said I do prefer quality to quantity. I guess I forget that for a moment. 1 great Superman is better that 1 good one and 5 that are ehh. I do think, however, somebody will want to push the limit one day. When and what CBM idk, but it will happen.
We have a few CBM trilogies, Nolans (The only one so far I feel good about), X Men, and Spiderman.
With X Men what the did was started making prequels, which is typical these days, and Spiderman they decided to reboot it entirely. Both of those things are becoming a bit to common. We make 3 movies and make a prequel our reboot. Its becoming a Golden rule, and if its not annoying yet it probably will get there soon enough.

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