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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

With Great Power...
Part 8

Peter is in his lab looking blankly at a computer screen. Used equipment is strewn across the work station, as Peter has been working the past three hours testing himself against his theory.
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Peter pulled out his phone and looked at the time: '4:19AM'.

With a defeated sigh, he fell back in his chair, looking up blankly at the ceiling.

"I can't believe it...that son of a *****..."

Warren had stolen Peter's work and used it to take his illegal experiments to the next level. He had built a splicer using Peter's redesign, worked. Coupled with the compound that Peter and Ivo created, Miles Warren had successfully achieved human/animal splicing.

Peter's carelessness had allowed him to be used as a guinea pig in Warren's experiments...and it worked. Somehow, the DNA of a spider had bonded successfully in with his own. Though his human DNA was the clear dominate one, Peter still was no longer human.
The incident at the hospital was proof of that.

Peter began to feel a wave of depression, but quickly dispelled it.

No. What that bastard did to me was inexcusable, but I will NOT let it own me. I will own it. Whatever happened, it seems I've picked up some potential new abilities, and what kind of scientist would I be if I didn't put them to the test?


2 Days Later...

Peter closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He remains calm and still, focused on the task at hand. He pulls his hoody tight around his face to conceal it, and takes off running across the rooftop.
With casual twitch of his ankle Peter leaps the twelve foot gap between buildings easily, actually jumping over the small three story complex and coming crashing into the building on it's other side...

1 Week Later...

Peter is crawling up the side of a building. Nimbly, Peter leaps across to the building parallel to the one he's on, barely breaking strike as his foot is the only thing that slips.

Getting up to the edge of the roof, Peter looks off at some nearby building across the street.

Peter reaches out with his hand and shoots a line of webbing from the gland in his right wrist that sticks perfectly to his target.

Well, it's been an interesting life...

Peter pushes off from his perch, and immediately is overtaken by the rush of web-swinging as he swings across to the far building, coming in and smacking the concrete side hard, knocking the wind out of himself...

Two Weeks Later...

Peter hops about, loosening up and cracks his neck.

"Okay, baby...hit me with your best shot!"

Immediately the pitching machine starts throwing balls at Peter on it's highest setting. With inhuman agility, Peter dodges every single baseball, some even clocked at over 100mph.

Three Weeks Later...

A masked Peter scurries up the side of a tall building, his eyes burning with determination as quickly leaps and crawls higher and higher. Eventually Peter reaches the building's top.

At the top of the Empire State Building, Peter gazes down at the city below him. It was like a distant world, way down below. It looked almost peaceful in it's chaotic bustle.
Peter enjoyed the peace as the sunset in the distance and the bright lights of New York came on.


Peter leaps off the Empire State Building and begins to free fall. He inhales deeply as the wind rushes past him and the ground rushes to greet him. At the last second he fires a webline to a building across from him, swinging low and fast, skimming the city's street's and tops of cars, and using his momentum to launch himself high and far into the fading light.

Peter reaches out again, firing another line of webbing, and swinging across the road to another building. As Peter swung down the New York City streets, he could not suppress the grin from the massive adrenaline rush he was under.

Guy could get used to this...

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