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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread


Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

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Charles and Hank sat on the couch in the student's rec room, watching the television in front of them. Hank had a soft smile on his face while he ate popcorn. Charles arched his eyebrow as he watched what was going on on the screen.

"This Walter White doesn't seem to have much in common with the real Werner Heisenberg."

"Then you obviously haven't heard of Heisenberg's theory on knocking and the correlation of being the one that does it."

"Is this why you asked Mrs. Waller to wear a porkpie hat with your field uniform?"


"Hold on," Charles said, standing up. He closed his eyes and reached his mind out across the water. "It's the others... They need our help."

"Then let us away."

Together, Hank and Charles left the rec room and hurried towards Amanda Waller's office.

"Have you heard from Agent Duncan?" Charles asked as he and Hank walked into Waller's office. She looked at them before leaning back in her chair.

"What's the problem?"

"The others are currently engaging with mutant criminals in the city. It seems they're in need of help."

"For real, yo."

Both Xavier and Waller turned and shot questioning look at Hank.

"Apologies. Apparently, a little Pinkman does not go a long way..."


San Francisco

Mammoth roared and ripped a lamppost from its brackets. Brandishing the post like a club, he swung low and tried to hit Cyclops. Scott ducked the post and shot upwards, cutting the post in half with a optic blast. Aiming, he shot Mammoth in the chest and knocked him back on to a parked taxi cab.

Across the street, Black Lightning shot out a bolt of electricity at the young woman approaching him. His lightning streaked towards her, but vaporized as it got anywhere near her.

"Come on, Sparky," she said, turning another bolt into air. "Show me something!"

Gritting his teeth, Jefferson abandoned his blasts and charged towards her with his fist raised. He was close to her when a powerful arm slammed into him and knocked him sideways through the air.

"Nobody touches my sister," Mammoth spat. He had a scorch mark on his chest where Scott had singed him. "You okay, Shimmer?"

"Yeah," she said, looking up at him. They both turned as an explosion rocked the street.

Metamorpho went flying by, his body ablaze. He hit the street hard and rolled to a stop, dazed and with the flames exhausted. "Anybody... catch the number of that bus?"

Smirking, Powderkeg approached him and slammed into the ground with another explosive fist. The explosion knocked Rex up into the air and further down the street.

Jean, meanwhile, ran towards the group's leader. The man with the exposed brains laced his fingers together and lifted a manhole cover from the street with his mind. He shot it towards Jean. Still running, she deflected the cover with her telekinesis.

~You've been trained,~ the man said inside her head. ~Mentally and physically. I can read your mind, but I can't influence you. This Professor of yours appears to be talented.~

~You have no idea.~

Stopping across the street from the man, Jean broke three parking meters from the ground and sent them towards him. With a wave of his hand, he shot the meters off into separate directions.

"Oh, my God!" A voice screamed behind Jean.

She turned and saw a teenaged girl around her age on the ground. She crawled towards Jean, flinching in pain. She had dark hair with a streak of white through it. "Please, ma'am," she said in a southern drawl. "Please, help me."

Jean reached down and grabbed her hand. Stopping suddenly, Jean groaned and her eyes bugged out of the socket as the woman kept her grip around Jean.

"Sorry, sugar," she said, letting Jean go. She crumpled to the ground as the woman stood up. "You won't die," she said, looking down at Jean. "But for awhile, you're gonna wish you did."

"Rogue," a voice snapped. She turned and saw the man with the exposed brain walking towards her. "Why didn't you go all the way? She's a talented psychic, I can feel it."

"But, I don't--," she started, before stopping herself. "I don't wanna be a psychic for too long, Psimon. I do that, I start acting all creepy like you. And besides.,,"

Smiling, she turned and looked down the street where the other mutants were fighting.

"It'd be a shame to go through all this trouble and not get a chance to sample the rest of them."

The chopper carrying Hank and Charles flew over the waters of the bay towards the city. Inside the back of the chopper, Hank prepared to jump into battle while Charles closed his eyes, focusing on the fight going on in the middle of downtown San Francisco.

"They have a telepath," he told Hank. "I'm going to attempt to engage him psychically. If I'm unavailable to contribute during the fight, you know why."

Charles reached his mind out and touched the criminal telepath's psyche.


Psimon blinked in confusion. Just seconds earlier, he was on the streets of the city with Rogue. Now, he found himself in a garden, sitting at a white table with tea in front of him. Across the table was a man who stared as Psimon while he sipped his cup of tea.

"Simon Jones," the man said calmly. "Should I call you Doctor? What is the etiquette on that once you've had your license stripped from you?"

"Where am I?" He asked, looking around. "Who the **** are you?"

"We are in the backyard of my childhood home in upstate New York. Just as I remember it looking. I doubt it's this neat now, unfortunately. I haven't been back there in years."

The man took another long sip of tea before putting the cup on the table. "As for who I am... I'm Charles Xavier. The instructor of the young people you're currently in the process of terrorizing."

Psimon stood up quickly, his knees banging against the table as he backed away. "This isn't real...," he said looking around. "It's all fake..."

"I know it is," Xavier said standing. "This is a shared psychic mindscape I created. Just for the two of us, Simon."

"Like that dream movie?"

"Of sorts," Xavier said with a smirk. "The only difference being--"

The ground on both sides of Psimon exploded outwards. A large root twisted out of the ground and attempted to wrap itself around Psimon's ankles. He jumped away and the root chased after him, slithering from the ground like a snake.

"In this world I have complete control over the entire environment."

Psimon turned and ran through the garden as the root twisted after him. As he passed the bushes, trees, and shrubs, they too came alive and began to rip from the soil and began to give chase.


"Psimon?" The girl called Rogue asked with an arched eyebrow. Psimon was standing on the sidewalk beside her, his eyes glazed over and his jaw hanging down slightly. "Psimon? Hello? Earth to Psimon?"

She turned away from Psimon and looked up as a chopper hovered overhead. A large, blue monster jumped from the chopper and landed on a rooftop overlooking the street. The furry looking man jumped from the rooftop and landed in front of her, his claws out and his teeth barred.

"What did you do to her?" He growled, nodding towards the unconscious teenage girl on the ground.

"Oh, her? Uhh, Jean, that's her name, right?"

The furry mutant roared and sprung from his haunches, preparing to pounce on her. Rogue focused on him and sent the furry blue man flying backwards into parked car.

"She'll be fine, darling, but in the meantime..."

She brought the mutant back up, his feet hovering inches from the ground. She smiled at him, brushing her white-streaked hair from her face.

"I got her powers. Now, make sure to keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times."

With a flick of her hand, she sent him flying into the air, spinning out of control.


Scott took a potshot at Powderkeg and he slid over the hood of a parked car. The mutant absorbed his blast and shook it off with ease. He turned his attention back to Metamorpho, hitting the multi-colored mutant with an explosive punch to the face.

"This isn't working," he said to Rex, lining up his sights to take another shot. "He's absorbing my optic blast like they're nothing."

"Well, do something!" Rex pleaded, briefly turning his form into gas to avoid another blow from Powderkeg.

"Black Lightning!" Scott shouted down the street. Jefferson was running away as Mammoth chased him.

"Little busy here not trying to die!"

"Run towards me," Scott said, climbing up on the roof of a nearby taxi. He keyed up the settings on his visor and prepared his targeting reticle. "Metamorpho, run towards him."

Jefferson ran as fast as he could while Mammoth bore down on him. Metamorpho, meanwhile, ran towards towards the fleeing teen.

"Duck!" Cyclops shouted at Black Lightning, letting loose with a powerful blast. Jefferson dropped to his knees as the energy shot over his head and struck Mammoth in the stomach. He was knocked to the ground.

Black Lighting stood up and Scott pointed at Powderkeg.

"Metamorpho, turn to gas. Black Lightning, light him up!"

Jefferson let loose just as Rex's body turned into a gas cloud. The lightning shot through the cloud and hit Powderkeg's body. The electricity ran through over Powderkeg's sweat glands, igniting the nitro that covered his skin.


Scott, Jefferson, and a now solid Rex were knocked back by the explosion. The flash of fire shot up into the sky, Powderkeg going up with it. The fiery mutant screamed as he slammed against the side of a building and fell back to the ground, smoke curling off his unconscious body.

"Good job nearly blowing us all up," Rex grumbled, standing up weakly beside Jefferson.

"I was just following orders," Jefferson replied. He quickly patted his shoulder to put out the smoldering ember on his shirt.

A yell filled the air and the three of them looked up and saw Hank flying above their heads, spinning out of control and crashing into a nearby dumpster. A few moments later, he stumbled up beside them, garbage covering him.

"You know how to make an entrance, I'll give you that. Where's Jean?"

"Passed out," Hank said, nodding ahead of them. "Her powers taken by her."

They turned and saw Rogue walking towards them, Mammoth and Shimmer flanking her on both sides.

"Look, it's simple," she said, approaching them. "You ain't hurt, we ain't hurt either. We cut our losses and both of us get out of here safely."

"You mean you get to get away with all that money you just stole?"

"Who's to say we stole a lot? In all this confusion and chaos, we may only get away with half of what we stole. That other half could mysteriously vanish..."

"You're bribing the wrong people, lady," Scott said, shooting an optic blast at her.

"Scott, no!" Hank shouted, but he was too late.

The blast was easily deflected by Rogue's stolen telekinesis. She shook her head and sighed. "Have it your way then, sugar."

With Jean's powers, Rogue sent a taxi cab up into the air and aimed it towards the four mutant teens.

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