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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

~Opening the Scars~

Wraith and I sit in a car in suburban Illinois, ready to make contact with one of the victims of the recent abductions. Wraith smuggled me into the country with the help of some friends, considering I have no passport or identification.

"So this is it?" I ask, looking out the window at the unassuming house across the street. This is apparently the place of the last abduction. A single mother and her daughter live here, that is until the daughter mysteriously disappeared a week ago. No evidence or suspects. Or motive.

"This is it," Wraith responds from the driver's seat. "Most recent breadcrumb. The only chance we have of finding whoever's been taking these kids."

I nod and exit the car, approaching the home, passing by the mailbox that reads "Pryde", Wraith trailing close behind me. I knock on the door softly, but as I do, a terrible stench hits my nose from inside. Not worrying about manners, I throw my shoulder into the door, and it gives way.

"Hey, man, what're your doing?" Wraith asks before the smell hits him as well. "Damn."

"Yea, I don't think we'll be getting any information out of this one," I respond, sniffing to find the source of the stink. We find the mother's body upstairs with a hole through her head. "Dead a few days, if I had to guess. When you say your contact found her?"

"Few days ago," Wraith responds, worried.

"You sure he can be trusted?"

"Yea, he's solid."

"Wonder why the decided to-"

And that's when the house explodes.

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