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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

With Great Power...
Part 11

Peter comes at the Jackal wildly, sloppy, and it costs him. The Jackal sidesteps Peter and sticks out his arm, close lining him. Peter falls hard onto his back, getting the wind knocked out of him. Jackal reaches down and wraps his right hand around Peter's throat, hoisting him up int the air, his left hand grasping Peter's right wrist tightly as Peter struggled to free it.

"I got to say, Pete"
, Jackal chuckled, "I expected a lot more."

"Party's just...starting...", Peter gasped as the Jackal squeezed his throat like a vice.

Peter began to see spots before his eyes as he stopped trying to break the Jackal's grip with his free hand, and fired a shot of webbing covering the Jackal's eyes. Surprised by the attack, the Jackal loosens his grip, and Peter is able to break the grip.

As Peter frees himself, he wraps both hands around Jackal's arm that was choking him, lifts his feet and mule kicks the Jackal in his chest. The powerful kick sends the Jackal flying back into one of three terminals rigged to the machine, and Peter uses the momentum to spring backwards, back-flipping to the machine.

Where was I now...

Peter began scanning the device, his brain going into overdrive as he tried to figure out a way to shut it down. Suddenly his spider-sense blared, and Peter ducked in time to avoid a sweeping strike from the Jackal as he slashed at Peter from behind with his claws.
Peter rose back to his feet, delivering a punch to the Jackal's gut that lifted the villain off of his feet.

The wind was knocked out of him and the Jackal was momentarily dazed, so Peter quickly followed the punch with an uppercut that knocked the Jackal off of his feet and sailing back into the side of some old metal shelving.

Peter moved to one of the terminals and began feverishly typing away.

If I can access the power core, I can overload. Blast should take this entire building down, so I'll need to get-

Peter's spider-sense rang in alarm and the Jackal's claws dug into Peter's shoulder. Peter cried out in pain and lost concentration for a moment. The Jackal palmed the back of Peter's head, and smashed his face into one of the terminal's screens.

"That's the spirit, Mr. Parker! Give me everything you got! I'd love to be able to break a sweat here", the Jackal laughed.

Peter felt the warmth of blood begin to soak his mask from the gash opened up on his forehead. Peter was dizzy and lashed out, instinctively. He whipped himself around, bashing a spinning elbow strike across the Jackal's temple that floored him.

Peter looked down at the madman, raised his fist, and punched the Jackal across his jaw, causing a large wad of blood to splatter to the floor.

Peter picked the Jackal up and pulled him in close, head-butting him across the nose and then tossing him aside.

Now, where was I...

Peter returned to the terminal and finally tapped into the Jackal's system controls, find the power systems and setting them to overload. Peter was just able to lock the command with a personal security code as the Jackal attacked with a renewed ferocity.
He was faster than he was before, slashing Peter across his chest before Peter could fully hop back.

The Jackal snarled like a dog as he charged in at Peter, his taunts now replaced with a cold-blooded rage, trying to kill him with each strike.

"You little bastard! I'll kill you for what you've done!"

"Yeah, about that", Peter says as his enhanced agility coupled with his spider-sense enables him to instinctively dodge the Jackal's frenzied attacks.

Peter falls backwards under a wild swing, bunching his arms tight to his head and putting his hands behind his head to catch his fall.

"Don't think that's gonna happen, slick", Peter states as he tightens his knees to his elbow and then springs forward, pushing off with his hands and kicking his heels forward, smashing the Jackal across his jaw and knocking him out cold.

Peter moved to collect his fallen foe and leave before the device blew, but it was too late. The machine exploded, engulfing the room in a fireball, and the force of the blast sending Spider-Man and the Jackal flying across the room. Spider-Man tried to leap behind cover, but was caught in the shock wave in mid-leap and sent crashing through a wall and into an empty office.

Peter's every muscle felt as though it were on fire. His mask was now soaked in blood from the gash on his forehead, and slash across his chest made it hurt to breath. But Peter focused his mind, and willed himself to, slowly and painfully, pick himself up as the place began to come down around him.

Peter pushed his abilities to their limits, barely making it out of the building and to freedom before the entire structure collapsed into a fiery plume, brightly illuminating the entire block...

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