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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread


Following a flash of light, something large and equally as monstrous appears in the heart of Brooklyn. Specifically having found it's way in the back of an alley coated in shadows, unseen by any potential onlookers that would flee at the sight of what lies within, it raises it's head and snarls, having endured a long and complicated journey. A deep, velvet bag of mystical items attached to a strap at it's side. With steam still rising off of the large horns on it's animalistic head, The Minotaur produces the relic that brought him here and closes his fist over the stone-like object. Were it not his only means of transportation between the realms, the beast swears to himself that he would never again use such an item of dark power. Nevertheless, he shoves it back into the bag for later use, knowing that he'll require it to return to the Island - and perhaps even his own realm - after he's completed his task tonight.

Trading the transporter for another relic, this one resembling a copper medallion, the Minotaur holds it in his hands and watches as it glows. An undercurrent of a yellow aura quickly becomes apparent, causing the beast to look up and scan his surroundings with intent. Were the halfling not nearby, the medallion would barely have even - it was attuned to be able to track only the most potent forms of magic. Such as spells bestowed by the Gods who walk the Earth, unable to rely solely on their natural power. Quite similar to a tale that the Queen of Themyscira had told him days prior, whenever the beast had further inquired about it's prey.

"This place,", he tells himself, blood-red eyes practically stabbing through darkness. "It hides her. Not well, but it hides her. The Amazon is here..."

It becomes clear to the Minotaur that such surroundings are not particularly befitting of the once-proud race of warriors. During the reign of Hippolyta, it was said that only the most grand terrain would ever hope to have the twelve of Zues' chosen step foot upon it. They were accustomed to either shedding an enemy's blood on the steps of Olympus or standing over the sands of paradise. This place - this "New York Post", as a bizarre and colorful inscription read just as the Minotaur exited the darkness - was no Olympus. And certainly not any sort of paradise.

Inhaling a lungful of the foreign terrain's air, the Minotaur nearly choked in disgust. Realizing that he'd have to fight against such foul odors to be able to get a lock on the halfling's scent, he continued with frustration, mumuring something underneath his breath and slinging the handle of a massive battle-axe over his shoulder.

Hunting his prey would prove to be a more difficult task than he'd realized.

"So now you'd better stop! And rebuild all your ruins! for peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing!"

A third call in the last fifteen minutes. She's becoming quite persistent.

I remove the phone from my back pocket and instinctively shut it off, not wishing to persue a conversation about this. Hopefully that should make her understand that I simply wish to be alone right now, trusting me to find my own way back to campus. I realize that Cassie is worried about me, and she probably has every right to be. I'm just not in a very good place, both in terms of my locale and my current state of mind. The image of Veronica Cale locking lips with Steve for the sole purpose of getting back at me for whatever she's felt I've done to her is still firmly implanted in my brain, and it's been enough to carry me for the last six blocks without tiring. Which isn't as easy as it sounds in these sorry excuses for heels.

The thought of ending this admittedly childish behavior has crossed my mind, certainly. Given that I can't seem to be able to find a cab willing to pick me up for as little money as I'm carrying, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to call someone like Zola and explain my situation. She lives nearby, and she would be more than willing to drive me back to the dorm.

Well, perhaps she would have been, had it not been for the disasterous public protest I had organized for her sake. After she had told me about being unfairly laid off with numerous others, I still find myself to have no regrets for calling out the idiots that had forced her out on the streets. The escalation of what happened that night, however, fills me with quite alot of shame. Far too much to warrant speaking to her until she's ready for forgive me.

Seeing the deserted street corner ahead of me, I exert a heavy sigh, bundling my jacket to stifle off the cold air. From my experience, Brooklyn is a terrible place to be walking around at night. Crime has been as rampant as it ever has, and I can't imagine that situation improving with...

"Hey there, gorgeous..."


I freeze immediately, looking over my shoulder to see a man with disshivelled hair and dirtied clothes, leaning against a wall leading into an alleyway.

"Got anything for me?"

At first, judging by his appearance, I assume him to be a vagrant. There are plenty that live along this area, so the logic is at least sound. Kindly shaking my head, I begin to keep walking, hoping to avoid a confrontation.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I don't carry any spare change..."

He smirks a bit, his left arm reaching for something in his jacket.

I'm almost sure that I won't like where this is going.

"Heh. This ain't that kinda transaction, dollface."

Turning around at that, my eyes are drawn downward, realizing what he's holding: a 9 mm pistol. Looking up at him, the event of what's happening beginning to register in my mind, I can only grimace as he instructs me to enter the alleyway with him so that no one can see. I think it's safe to say that this night could not be any worse.

Nevertheless, I comply with his request, slowly matching his movement as he keeps the gun firmly levelled. He points to the wall and waits for me to lean against it, provoking a smile out of him as I do. I don't want to imagine what's running through this creep's head, but I sincerely hope that he's only interested in a robbery. Because that's the most that I'd ever consider allowing.

"Let's start with that wallet. Better hope you were lying about the change."

Not wanting to protest, just so I can make this go along as quickly as possible, I reach into my jacket and give him what he asks for, keeping my hands visible so that he doesn't think I'm going to attack. Keeping the gun trained on me with his left hand, he hurriedly opens it with his right and dumps out the very little cash I had left on the ground. Disappointed by the amount, he nevertheless slides it under his boot, perhaps knowing that he'd be leaving himself wide open if he were to bend down and retrieve it.

Not that I'd try. It isn't my greatest wish in life to die over seventeen dollars.

"****, I guess you weren't."

I shrug. For being threatened at gunpoint, I have to admit that I'm taking it rather well.

"Sorry to disappoint. You can keep it, if you want."

He seems amused by this, but not so much to let me go. Looking at my ID, he reads off my name.

"Diana Prince, huh? You local?"

I remain silent. This doesn't particularly please him, as he takes a step forward.

"Hey! I asked you a question!"

For a moment, I reconsider running. His hostility isn't boding well for the chances of my survival in the situation. But as I realize he's coming closer, I start to wonder to myself. What if I could make this work to my advantage?

"Only recently. College."

"Ooh, sorority chick. Nice,", he replies, condescendingly. "Never went to college myself."

A breath of relief escapes me. There's what I was looking for.

"I can't imagine why."

As he cocks his head, wondering whether or not that was an insult, I decide to take my chance. Without hesitance, I take a step forward.

"Hey! Hey, what're you..."

Immediately grabbing his armed hand, I redirect his grip on gun and jab him hard in the throat while he's trying to fight back. He stumbles, surprised by this, but trying to raise his arm so that he can fire off a round. This only serves to provoke me into wanting to see him regret this even further, so I immediately drop, sweep his legs out from under him, and drive my knee directly into his nose just as he scrambles to get back up.

He falls back, obviously in pain and having finally dropped the weapon. I slowly rise up off the ground, kicking the gun away so that he can't easily retrieve it. As he looks up at me, angered and holding a bloodied nose, I finally just drop him with a hard kick across the face. He hits the pavement, barely conscious and groaning.

"As someone who never went to college, I can't imagine you've ever considered Women's Self Defense..."

I kneel down, giving him a wide, satisfied smirk.

"Perhaps you should consider it. You would have been able to counter that."

Making sure to step on his hand as I walk over him, I grab both my wallet and stray cash before departing the alley, feeling a million times better than I did going in. I don't know where any of that really came from, to be perfectly honest. I've never encountered a situation like that, but I imagine that ordinarily, I would have at least screamed. But I guess since I was in such a terrible mood, my natural reaction was to just do... that.

Smiling to myself, I reach the next block and quietly laugh.

Maybe I should be in a terrible mood more often.


The patrons of a local bar stare back at what's happening, completely horrified as to what they're seeing. Some pull out their camera phones, while others frantically dial 911. Most, however, simply run for the back door, hoping to escape the monstrosity that just barged it's way through the front wall with ease. The Minotaur watches these creatures and their various reactions to him, realizing that it would have been simpler for him to use the invisibility amulent that he'd worn on the walk here. He hadn't taken into account just how disruptful these creatures - humans, as Circe had called them - would be after encountering one of their betters. He'd simply hoped to take attention away from himself as he persued the hunt, focusing entirely on locating the Amazon.

Nevertheless, he stomps forward, his eyes resting on a woman frozen in terror. Reaching forth with a massive hand, he snatches the woman by the wrist and forces her to rise up off of the ground, nearly ripping her arm out of it's socket with his great strength. She screams even louder, the shock of what's happening just beginning to catch up with her, but he growls, immediately tiring of such an irritating noise.


Reaching into his bag, he retrieves the copper medallion once again and lifts it into the air, looking at the insensity of the glow. To his surprise, there's barely any to be found. He looks down at the woman, who's trying to fight back against her percieved attacker, before lifting her by the arm and casually tossing her past the bar itself, watching her collide into the bartender as he tries to flee.

"Hrrh. That shrieking creature was not the Amazon,"

Turning back towards the newer entance that he'd made for himself, the Minotaur pauses as he sees a crowd of various others building from the outside. Similarly horrified, but equally curious, whispering to themselves as he only looks back at them with confusion. To them, he's a sight none have ever seen.


Growing even more angered by the perplexing societal customs of these foolish creatures, he steps forward and roars, causing them to scatter like wildfire. Then proceeds to stomp his way out whenever they've left, causing even further damage to the wall as he does.

He tells himself that his search will have to continue regardless.

The halfling will not escape him.


Still lost in the high of my accomplishment in overcoming the mugger, I barely even notice as several people begin rushing in the opposite direction of me until I hear the nearby scream. Followed by various sounds indicating some sort of destruction. Looking around and seeing nothing particularly hazardous ahead, I begin to walk forward, sidestepping three people at once as they seem to be running for their lives. I look back at them, then ahead, my curiosity only building as I begin to jog forward, trying to remain suitably cautious.

At first, my mind can only go to something like a car crash. But I can't imagine that such a thing would cause people to run unless the car was spiraling out of control, so the likelihood of it is incredibly low. Maybe there was an explosion of some kind? I shake my head, realizing that these are the questions that I ask myself in a moment of crisis. Not the more logical ones, such as whether I should be calling the police. With my luck, it'd probably be intercepted by the next call from Cassie, still wondering where I ran off to. God, I'm going to have quite the story to tell her when I get home, especially after I figure out what's going on now...

Nearly coming to a stop whenever I hear something incredibly loud echo from a nearby bar, I realize that it sounds siimilar to a lion's roar, though not quite. Perhaps that's what this is all about. An escaped animal from the Manhattan Zoo, roaming loose and scaring people off. If that's the case, then I should turn around and join them.

Wait. That can't be...

My eyes widen, realizing that it is. A large hole in the front of a nearby bar.

What sort of animal could have done...

Just as I begin to finish the question in my head, something steps through the debris.

And I...

I've never seen anything like it in my life.

It looks around, then sniffs at the air, confirming that it's certainly an animal of some sort. But not only is it standing on two legs, but it's also at least nine feet tall. For the second time tonight, I'm forced to freeze in place, unsure of how to react to this incredibly bizarre creature. Then I realize that to only further add to the surrealism of it all, it's wearing some sort of garment around it's waist. With a bag attached.

Am I dreaming this?

Just then, it turns, it's eyes focusing on me. And I realize that I'm the only one still left in the area.

As strange as it sounds, the mugger I wasn't very afraid of.

This is an entirely different story.

Oh, God. Oh, God. What do I do, what do I...

Just then, a thick cloud of smoke begins to rise up from the inside of it's bag. Confused by this itself, the - whatever it is - grabs at it and forces it open, waving the smoke away. This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life, and I can't even bring myself to do anything. I'm just so afraid of what it might do, or who it might attack. Just then he pulls something out. Something that's glowing. I have to shield my eyes just to avoid the bright glare, noticing that he's shocked by it, looking up at me.


It takes a step forward, the glowing object still in it's hands.

I take a step back.

Did it just talk?!


Unable to even fathom what it says or what it even means, logic finally compels me to turn the other way and run as fast as I possibly can. Even as I do, however, I can still hear it's yelling in the distance behind me. This has got to be a dream. I can't even begin to entertain the alternative, that this could possibly be real. It's not possible.


Looking back, to my horror, I discover that it begins to chase after me. My heart racing nearly as fast as I do, I decide to keep running, far from tempted to look back a second time. Even if it's not possible, I'm not going to chance it. I don't even know what it just called me, but I'm certain that I have no reason to care.

Right now, I just need to concentrate on staying alive.

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