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Default Re: Agents of SHIELD TV series for ABC - General Discussion

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
I'm not saying Renner won't get re-cast, I'm saying this rumor as a whole isn't true. The report stated that Hawkeye isn't apart of the Phase 2 plans, which is the reason they'd be recasting him and putting him on Agents of SHIELD... BUT, Hawkeye most certainly is in the phase 2 plans and is a "core" member of The Avengers 2. Also, I doubt Joss would recast the role just to put Hawkeye on his TV show considering he's the one who cast Renner in the first place.

Everything about that rumor sounds made up.
To be fair, I think Marvel was in the process of casting Renner in late 2009 before Joss came onboard as the Avengers director in April 2010.

But I agree with you, Whedon would want Renner back rather than recast the part.

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