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Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
Phantasm outright admitted that he has a closed-minded view on the issue of Batman quitting, which is fine. At least he's willing to admit it. But you did attempt to speak for him when you claimed "no one" is faulting Nolan for wrapping up the story when Phantasm said in his post that he DOES fault Nolan for wrapping up the story. It's pretty darn clear in his post.
I never admitted that... I was addressing Bruce's characteristics in the comics. I'm not denying there are points where he isn't active as Batman due to physical reasons. I'm saying that he can't completely give up being Batman even when he is physically incapable of fighting crime. The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Beyond make this very very clear. Only in the Nolanverse does Bruce psychologically and spiritually give up the Batman persona in an absolute, complete retirement.

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