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Default Re: Luke Cage: Update

Originally Posted by engen View Post
true that. but we all know there's no way a black man is breaking out of prison and just returning to the hood. Not in the 70's and not in 2007.

I think Cage should be sentenced to prison for 20 years at age 18 for a crime that he accidentally got involved with. Then when he's like 25 after 7 years he gets the option to do the experiment and does it. But the experiments prove to be uneffective so they think, so he's released on good conduct.

His powers should set in when he arrives home, by this time he's matured and realizes he can make a difference and starts to help people. Cage should be a man with a good heart. That's why he chooses to become a hero. They also can't make this movie without Hip Hop, it's vital to the story and who he is.
I think critical to Cage's origin was that he was convicted of a crime he did not commit. I don't like the idea of him committing a crime accidentally or otherwise. Secondly, in order for the movie to be successful it has to have cross-over appeal. IMHO it can just be a hip hop movie.

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