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Default Re: The Official Mjolnir Thread

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
I read a thor story where thor fights hulk and absolutely hands hulk his arse, hulk stops fighting and refuses to fight thor until thor throws away the hammer

hulk - 'hammer strong, not thor, throw away hammer and hulk will show you'

thor refuses. hulk then grabs a female bystander and threatens to crush her unless thor throws away the hammer. thor throws the hammer miles away so it will take a good long while to return, then hulk absolutely lays the smack down on thor. the hammer returns and hulk refuses to fight thor again.

an absolutely brilliant issue which shows the pure power of mjolnir.
I gotta say that's all wrong for both The Hulk, threatening an innocent bystander, and for Thor. Hulk should only target the focus of his rage, and Thor should be a match for Hulk sans his hammer.

My favorite Thor Hulk matchup is way back in Journey Into Mystery #112. Thor beseeches Odin to extend the time that he can be seperated from the hammer and still remain Thor so that he could battle Hulk on even terms. At that period in Thor history if he and the hammer were seperated for 1 minute( if I recall correctly ) Thor would revert to mortal form.

"No comment, until the time limit is up."

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