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Default Re: DOFP vs other 2014 ComicsMovies Thread [Buzz, BoxOffice and more]

TASM2: $800m
I think it will gross more domestically than the first film and get around $500m overseas again which will push it to $800m.

DOFP: $600-700M
X-Men has never been as big a draw to the box office as Spidey so I'm not sure where it could fall, but I'm pretty confident it will be between those two numbers. It should get $300m domestically if not more and I think it could capture another $300-350m overseas. If the Wolverine can open that well overseas this movie will do it one even better. If the movie is bad and gets bad WOM though, I don't see it grossing much more than $450m.

Cap 2: $575-600m
The movie, if executed well, should be very relevant to America today and should really catch on here. I'm going with $280m as a base. The Avengers pedigree is really going to help the film overseas this time as well, where it already made $200m in the first film. $300m overseas.

GOTG: $500-600m
This one is a wild card but the stage is pretty much set for it to catch fire if all the card fall in the right place. The Marvel branding post-Avengers, Disney marketing and hype machine, the intrigue of a completely new Marvel property and the potential to catch audiences with something new and fresh. And not having a lot of big competition for the entirety of August. If the movie is as funny and unique as the trailers make it out to be, and as I know the source material to be, then the movie could definitely become the next Iron Man so to speak. $250-300m domestically $300-350m overseas.

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