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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
What's most baffling about this is when Batman Begins turned Ra's Al Ghul into a white guy who had an ethnic body double, used the name of a lesser known and unrelated character, and didn't have the supernatural power source that he had in the comics but otherwise had the same motivation, MO, and backstory, no one cared.
That is because...
1) They didn't turn the character into a joke.
2) Real Ra's was far more interesting than the fake Ra's.

And most importantly...
3) The movie wasn't falsely marketed on the fake Ra's. The film was marketed on Batman's origin, the beginning of Batman. Most people didn't even know who the villains were going into the film. IM3 was specifically marketed on this being the big battle between Iron Man and the Mandarin - Kingsley's Mandarin specifically. Something that has been built up and hyped since IM1 and for even longer than even The Avengers was. We knew going in that we wouldn't get the Mandarin of the comics. We knew since IM1 - since the very beginning of the MCU - that we wouldn't get comic book Mandarin. Almost nobody was expecting comic book Mandarin. What we did expect is to see the Mandarin of the trailers, the Mandarin that Favreau had in mind. Nobody gives two ****s if Killian or Trevor is closer to comic book Mandarin because regardless of the case, it is entirely superfluous to the reason why we're disappointed in the first place.

There are galaxies of difference between what BB did and what IM3 did.

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