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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by MichaelChen View Post
Very true. Kingsley was basically playing Yellow Claw. There was nothing about him that reminded me of The Mandarin whatsoever.

When The Killiandarin was running around shirtless with dragon tattoos and karate-chopping armors in half, THAT reminded me of The Mandarin.

The Mandarin is a barbarian warlord and berzerker martial artist. He's more Gorilla Grodd than Ra's Al Ghul.

See my problem with Killian as the Mandarin is mostly about his costume and to a smaller degree his powers. Now, I know it is superficial (as a characters personality and traits have more relationship to who a character is then these other attributes), and in this way Killian did seem similar to the Mandarin from the comics, but I am an artist and I tend to be a very visual person. As a result I felt Ben Kingsley's look (pre Trevor) felt like more of the Warlord character I see the Mandarin to be in the comics. Even the image you provided above (while not really in robes) still has that Warlord impression, and while the Mandarin did wear a suit and tie in some of his incarnations in the comics, I always felt those versions did little to separate him visually as a character, as a suit and tie just seems so predictable, boring and very unimaginative. Now I realize the image above also shows a Dragon tattoo, that one could suggest ties Killian's Mandarin to the character, but to me that still does not do enough to convey the Warlord look of the character, that I personally feel best describes the Mandarin visually. As for the Powers from the rings, I would have loved to see them working (I won't lie), but I was prepared to accept them as a symbol that connected Ben Kingsley's Mandarin pre Trevor to Iron Man 1, as he still looked very Mandarin-ish with his warlord type costume. He also seemed to be very much in control and very strategic, which we later learn was not Ben Kingsley's doing, but Guy Pearce's, but before the twist he seemed to have some of those inner Mandarin traits as well. So anyways, as I have said before I am not necessarily against Killian being the Mandarin, but I just hope if they use him moving forward that they can give him more of a Warlord look to tie him more visually into the comics and maybe show him gaining more control of the Extremis virus so that he can conduct various types of powers from his hands instead of just fire. Although, I would equally be okay with the idea some other people have had about Killian learning about the Mandarin as a legend and took the name for himself and fashioned Ben Kingsley's character after what he thought the Mandarin would look like, and only to find out the Mandarin is real and unhappy with the incompetence of Killian and his lackey's. I guess for me I am just not completely satisfied with how things are at the moment, but I feel Marvel can still correct these things moving forward in a variety of ways without destroying the events that unfold within the Iron Man 3 movie. But, I guess we will see what happens.


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