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SHH! Best Actors Worthy to play the "Real" Mandarin in Iron Man 4

After watching the One Shot, we learned that the real Mandarin of the Ten Rings is still out there somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and still hasn't appeared yet in the franchise. So far, Ben Kingsley's character, Trevor Slattery is the fake Mandarin and Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killian was never the actual version of the character but just a villain who adopted the name for his own purposes during the events in Iron Man 3 until Pepper killed him by blowing him up with Tony's bombs. Now the third Mandarin, who Ten Rings soldier Jackson Norriss want's Slattery to meet in person is sure to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's real version of the character and Tony Stark's true arch enemy in the cinematic franchise. Surely after doing the One Shot and for how well it was done without bringing the actual Mandarin on set just yet and for not killing off Kingsley's character, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are gonna have to do the actual version of the Mandarin for the yet to be announced Iron Man 4 and they are not to slack off on wasting their time on stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy, Maggia, Hydra, or anything else and they will make sure that the real Mandarin has ten magic rings as he usually does and they will make sure that RDJ's Iron Man takes on that real Mandarin and the real Ten Rings army he leads. Whether the plot of the film be comic based or James Bond original, I'm sure that with all the time they got until they officially announce the film and it's release date, they will get the character done right.

Now incase Marvel still intends on having the character done in the film without the usual Asian ethnicity, these are the best fitting actors for the character:

Sean Penn (the #1 recommended choice for Mandarin without being Asian because of his slight resemblance to actor Ben Kingsley and believe me, he is the best bet on for the role)

Liam Neeson (Ra's Al Ghul from the Dark Knight Trilogy who starred with Kingsley in Schinder's List)

Russell Crowe

or Christian Bale (the Dark Knight Trilogy Batman)

or if Marvel Studios decides to revert to the character's original Asian nationality, then these are the best choices of Asian actors fit to play the real Mandarin but in a much more decent way and if they do, regardless of the twist and Shane Black they will be needing plenty of time to think long and hard on making the actual version work in a more decent and more appropriate way in his usual Chinese/Asian nationality;

#1 choice for Mandarin if Asian: Byung Hun Lee (Storm Shadow in the GI Joe films)

Russell Wong

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