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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

The problem Is Hollywood goes overboard with reboots.There should be a at least 10 years moreturm on rebooting if film series bombs or they decerde not to
continue..Plus some people dismiss films If they aren't shiney and new.

WB allowed Bryan Singer to do a sequel to Richard Donnor Superman.They should have to live with It.A reboot should not have happened till 2016.Same with Batman.They let Nolan have all this power and do film that makes it impossible to do another batman film without rebooting.It should be next decade till another Batman film.

I clearly don't like Man of steel as I do Superman(1978).I like the Tim Burton Batman films and first 2 Nolan batman films.

James Bond Is perfect example of problems.Die Another Day was hugh sucess at box office.Moonraker was DAD of it's day and they didn't reboot.They simply did a more down to earth Bond film and made better film In For your eyes Only.The bond producers want to have it both ways rebooting and have films be considered part of exsisting series.Plus Skyfall Is only one of rebooted series I view as real James Bond films.I have been seeing bond films since I was 11 with a View to a kill and last 2 I didn't go to theatres.

Sony even when they were planing SPider-man 4 were also planning a reboot.They could easily have done a spider-man 4 with a new cast and director.

My main Problem with Star Trek reboot Is trying to copy Star Wars.Some here may think Trekkers love what was done with Star Trek.Many don't.They
should have waited a few years and just did a complete reboot of Star Trek without any of the alternate timeline BS.Abrams Trek Is like the reimaging of battlestar galactica It's not meant for exsisting fans.

I am shocked DIsney Isn't rebooting Star Wars instead of trying to continue it.

It's been only 4 years since terinator salvation was out and Sarah Connor chronicles was axed and they are planning a reboot which basiclly Is remake of first film yet you apparently have Arnold back playing terminator.That's as stupid as having Judi dench play M In 3 bond films after reboot.

I would like to see X-Men adopt the old Bond way.That's more fitting for comic books.

A 10 to 20 year gap before they can reboot would be good thing.The idea of rebooting when a series is fresh Is bad idea.

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