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Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Exactly exactl exactly!!! Not moral character. As I stated above, I think it is simply an artifact of imense energy and power. And it takes "ancient knowledge" of the item to understand how it works, and how to use its energies and powers effectively. The skull didnt know squat about it. He did, but not enough, to touched it, and was gone. Loki was "given" the knowledge, but he didn't learn about it himself. Thor seemed to know OF it. Thanos is probably the only one who knows it the best. I think it is a confusing artifact of imense energy.

I see it as similar to the infinity gems in the comics. Many characters have used the gems, power gem for thor, drax, etc, but only thanos posessed the knowledged to use them the best and tap into the gems power. I think it is like that. You need to understand how the tesseract works.

For everyone else, it's touching an electric fense without knowing its electric. Now, You may get told about an electric fense, meaning, if you touch the fense, it will shock you. You KNOW that. Loki was told about the tesseract. But unless you learn about the wiring, and how the fence works and such, you probably won't be able to get over that fence unless you know how it technically works, and how to shut it down
I think Loki (and possibly even Thor) knows a helluva lot more about the Cube than what we've seen. Implicitly, this was his "selling point" to Thanos in the first place: he knew what the Cube was, where it was, how to get to it, and how to get it back to Thanos, and offered it in exchange for a conquering army.

Then there's the fact that he was able to harness its power for Selvig (who was able to learn great truths from it) and Hawkeye (who used it to suss out his next target and what he'd need to take him out -- i.e., an eyeball).

Then there's Loki and Thor's little one-on-one conversation on the mountaintop in Avengers, which hints that both Asgardians know full well about the Tesseract's power, and both seem to know full well about who Thanos is and why it's a bad idea to negotiate with him.

As to why Loki doesn't just take the Cube for himself: I think fear motivates him from doing that. Fear of Thanos, on the one hand, and what he will do to him; but also probably fear of the Cube itself, and what it's capable of doing to him.


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