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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Yeah, I can't see all 40+ armors being different.

IMO Mandarin will also be controlling a small army if it takes Tony 40 + suits working together to stop him.
So many of them may have to be drones if Mandarin is controlling his own suits and drones during the armor war...
A suit that looks like Titanium man may become Mandarin's property/part of his side in the armor war.

However, I think it's very likely we see some of the more popular suits leading the charge...

I think Stealth is almost a guarantee to appear in some way.
Pepper will have Rescue, so that suit could still be there by that time and Tony/Javis could be controlling it in the end. Pepper may have given it to him because he had to blow up some of the old suits and she stays back after she's rescued, helping Jarvis aim...

We'd see a number of suits in the movie prior to this, so I think only a few of the 40+ will be recognizable. Others will be made up of spare parts...

Most of the leading suits will be the new ones that Tony didn't blow up; they're controlling the drone suits--which are simple assemblages of extra parts... Like the toys that combine different parts of armors. Tony & Jarvis have to quickly mix and match to help complete the army and enlist all the prototype suits that are still left...

Let's say Rhodey loses the Iron Patriot suit at some point and Mandarin uses Iron Patriot against them as Firepower--with Taggert piloting. Rhodey needs a new suit by the end in this scenario... The old Warmachine suits have been blown to bits...

So in my theory Tony gives Rhodey the prototype Hulkbuster for a truly epic final battle.

Tony has the 40+ armors, Hulkbuster-Rhodey, Pepper, and Jarvis on his side. Mandarin has Taggert and a number of toys/extremis soldiers on his side, plus his own AI... Coldblood has already been killed by Rhodey (without a suit) by the time of the final battle. After he steps down because of differences with the military/gov't & the Patriot is hijacked, Rhodey starts to suspect something is up. Much of the middle is like Rhodey in a mystery spy thriller uncovering what's up while Stark is gone somewhere. He gets to Coldblood just in time. During the finale, Rhodey (in the Hulkbuster) takes on Taggert in the Iron Patriot armor. Pilot vs Pilot. Happy has previously died giving them a chance, and Stark just about lost Jarvis & Pepper to the Mandarin. So the final battle becomes very tense and Tony is extremely punishing with the armors/drones/rebuilt armors he controls.

Hulkbuster's not hooked up to Jarvis's network yet and has to be aimed/piloted completely manually. Jarvis is busy fighting the enemy AI so there's no time to connect it to Jarvis when the battle starts.... The only one who can pilot it manually at this time is Rhodey.

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