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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

My most disappointing CBM by far is TDKR. People in this thread claiming that the people who didn't like it are 'haters' are either clueless are jealous at The Avengers stealing a large portion of TDKR's thunder. Sure the GA seemed to really like the movie, but the film divided the comic book fanbase in a way no CBM has since Batman Returns. I wasn't too enamored with Spidey 2, so Spidey 3 being bad wasn't a shock to me in the least. X3, Fantastic Four, Superman Returns, and Green Lantern shouldn't qualify as being disappointments since everyone saw them being bad a mile away.

BB and TDK are two of my top four comic book films of all-time, so leading up to TDKR I was pretty excited. I knew ahead of time there was an impossibly small chance the film would be TDK's equal...but man. I've enjoyed every film Chris Nolan has directed to some degree but TDKR is definetely the red headed step child of his entire filmography.

TDKR wasn't 'bad' by any means but coming from one of the best filmmakers currently in the business, the film was decisevely average. Nolan dropped the ball IMO by having the story being an end to the franchise. Not only did this cause several aspects of the movie to fly in the face of his first two films, but a lot of what was presented in the film really flew in the face of the Batman mythos in general. I could talk about how disapointing I thought this movie was both cinematically and as an adaption to one of my favorite characters for hours. But I think Ralph Garman pretty much nailed most of the aspects I disliked about this movie in this humorous and constructive podcast with Kevin Smith:

One thing that wasn't said in the podcast, and something I really haven't seen to much of anywhere else, is the fact that Nolan completely abandons the notion that Bruce Wayne is the 'mask' and Batman is the true identity. Not only was this prevelant in the first two Nolan movies and even blantantly stated by Rachel in the first film, but it has also been one of the character's defining characteristics for years. I understand Nolan set out to create his own version of Batman, but you really can't have that notion in your movies only to abandon it in the final installment just so you can have everything end all nice and tidy; that's lazy writing. Of course that's only one example of things that bugged the living crap out of me, but I've rambled on long enough . I don't have the time right now to go over the problems I had with the final twenty/thirty minutes of the flick; like I said I could talk about this thing for hours.

The most telling notion for me that this ranks #1 on my CBM disappointment list, is that I have no interest in watching BB and TDK anymore because I knew I'll admire them less after seeing TDKR. For me, that's sad because I know somewhere deep amongst TDKR's many flaws is a strong movie.

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