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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
So I guess you're just clueless than . Just kidding. I'm not getting into Avengers/TDKR at all but I absolutely feel Avengers definetely took away from the excitement of TDKR. In 2008, audiences wanted to see CBM's with dark, humanistic elements where the hero spent the duration of the film deconstructing himself. Tastes have changed since then and I feel audiences want to see CBM's where heroes are decked in their colorful costumes and interacting with each other. I actually think Warner Brothers understood this while marketing TDKR since most of the advertisements were sure to include Catwoman, Bane, and Bats in the same shots. In either case, the point is moot and really has no bearing on my opinons on either films.

Watchmen definetely had contracters and supporters, but as far as the main DC/Marvel films I haven't seen a fanbase of a particular character this split since Batman Returns. I take offense to being called a 'hater' because I or a substantial number of comic book fans found TDKR to be disappointing especially considering the recent hits in the genre such as The Avengers, First Class, Thor, Cap, etc.

You're right about the constructive feedback from die hard Batfans being awesome. It really shows how passionate the fanbase is without taking the extra step of wishing crucifiction upon the filmmaker who gave them disappointing outings - I'm looking at you Star Wars fans! And even though I had some filmmaking problems with TDKR, most of the complaints from that movie and BR have more to do with the adaptation of the source material rather than the movies themselves.
Sure, I'm got me on that one, lol.

I don't understand your reason of fans back then wanting only darker material though. Did you happen to forget Iron Man that came out the same year as TDK? Fans had their choices back then of different materials from something darker to lighter as well, and Nolan had his supporters, the MCU had theirs from the beginning, but in no way did Avengers take any excitement from TDKR. Did it feel like more of a CBM? Of course, but Nolan's trilogy never felt like a balls to the wall CBM as any of the MCU films. That's what made Nolan's trilogy so different.

But the biggest thing that kept TDKR down was that tragedy with the theatres. Way more than whatever you want to think Avengers "took".

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