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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
Just an observation. I thought the same thing back in 08. Iron Man came out to positive reviews but the film was overshadowed that summer, along with every other major blockbuster released around that time, by TDK. I thought it wass pretty clear the GA wanted grounded realism presented in a gritty environment that oozed with despair in their CB flicks.

Now in 2012, I think the GAs taste in the genre have changed. They want colorful, fantastical heroes in all of their comic book glory. This takes nothing away from IM,TDK, or even TASM. They just coincided with the releases of films that transcended the genre. Of course fans of both styles exist, but look at all the films made since 08 akin to TDK. Reboots and similar dark, complex films dominated the cinemas. With the announcements of a FOX Marvel U and DC U, you can clearly see the shift in the SH/SciFi genre.

Im not saying TA diminished the excitement for TDKR, but the GAs tastes and expectations for CB films were much different heading into TDKR than TDK.
I wouldn't say TDK overshadowed IM at all besides the love that Heath received that ended up getting so much steam that he received an Oscar. It's interesting to point out that Iron Man was acknowledged by AFI in 2008 as well, which could be a sign that IM may even be loved by more people since Avengers isn't acknowledged by AFI in 2012(and lately I've grown to actually enjoy IM more as of late).

I would still have to very much disagree with the notion that TA paved the way for something else CB fans latched unto. Nolan still had a HUGE fanbase and that's why the film still made over a billion.

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