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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

No, you're right. But it was reasonably well received and I remember, when watching it with my girlfriend, her turning to me and asking "this actually got decent reviews?" I couldn't defend it. It was the first Marvel CBM I saw where the Marvel Formula TM was so obvious. Everything about it was so lazy and cynical- the script seemed to be written by tick boxes.

Given the immaculate reviews it received and the box office it took, plus good word of mouth from fans, I thought that The Avengers couldn't fail to be better. Within perhaps half an hour, I thought to myself, "they've done it again". It felt like an achievement of commercial strategy, and little else. Here were The Avengers, all presented like a complete set of action figures. Here was story no.47(b) from the comicbook cliche backlog, adjusted to meet 9/10 market research tick-boxes. Switch on the money machine.

I hate feeling like a grouch about this, and I am genuinely pleased that so many fans enjoy these films. But I just find them patronizing, insulting to my intelligence and my reasonable expectations about the minimum extent to which a movie should be creative. I know I nit-pick the hell out of Nolan's Batmovies, but that is probably because there is obviously a vision and a degree of artistry there which I find engaging, if occasionally frustrating. The Marvel Movie Machine, for me, produces guilty pleasures without the pleasure- just a surfeit of dumb.

Anyway, Marvel fans must forgive me- I am not arguing that there is anything wrong with the IP and I recognize the popularity of these films. I would just hate to see my favourite characters given the same treatment.

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