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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Worldwide X-Men First Class was second highest comic book film of 2011.while Captain America did better domesticly overseas First Class did better.

X-Men's audence comes from three sources 1:Those who became awre of them from Comics 2:First watched the 1990's animated show and 3:The films.

Trying to perfectly capture the X-Men lineup was never going to happen.I hate to break reality to some.But,the X-Men only became the world top Comic after Wolverine,Storm,
Nightcrawler,and Colossus was added.A reboot rather by Fox or Marvel wouldn't change that.May I remind people Marvel Studios The AVengers discarded Ant-Man and Wasp
In favor of Black widow and hawkeye.Has the Avengers assembled by Shield lead by Ultimate Version of Nick Fury Instead of being joining of earth's mighest Heroes.Compared to X-Men films people let other marvel films alone.If Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn had turned a white character black like Chris nOlan and Zack snyder are doing for Man of Steel just Imagne the hell some would raise yet they say nothing when Laurence Fishbourne Is cast as Perry White.Ok to be fair It Is was probally all Snyder's doing but still.

There are plenty of fantasy elements In X-Men.They don't use outer space and Time Travel elements.I will take X-Men,X2,and First Class over all Marvel Studios films and
Sam Rami Spider-Man Trilogy.

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