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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game - Part 2

Originally Posted by socool View Post

The control scheme. Some things to mention:

-The auto-lock ability from SD and EoT is now replaced by the camera.
-Pressing in the left stick while on a wall causes Spider-Man to face forward, pushing his back to the wall.
-The counter button in the Arkham games is replaced with a dodge function.
-You can do both web shots and web grabs. (For the first time since Spider-Man 3)
I am really liking the control layout. It looks pretty efficient and should work well. My favorite thing is the ability to both web grab and do web shots. I also know that the B button is what you use to trigger the signature takedown moves when an enemy is dazed.

I'm not sure how I feel about the lack of a 'counter' button. Since this game is using the same basic system as Arkham, I wonder how the dodge button will function.

Originally Posted by Alchemyst View Post
If it's what I'm picturing, by having him cling to a wall with his back facing it, it may give him the ability to survey the area to find out what all threats are at ground level.
Yeah, it's just like that picture that was posted from Noir SD. I cannot wait to dive into this game and check out all the cool features.

Originally Posted by Alchemyst View Post
Cool cool cool, well let's just hope they've addressed those camera issues. As I've stated before, that was one of the main things that plagued the Spider-Man games, that stupid camera. You would think the developers would have a camera system that could actually keep up with the character, but hell, look at the old Devil May Cry games
Remember when I was talking about how the experience of the level based Spidey games would come into play for Beenox?? One of the things that was very noticeable from an evolutionary standpoint was how Beenox improved the camera work from SD to EoT. They made some pretty good strides there and was probably masked by the other negatives that people seem to focus on. I'm pretty sure that Beenox will once again make the necessary adjustments to the gameplay to make things run even smoother. I think a good indication of this is the positive feedback coming from the camera movement during web swinging.

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