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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game - Part 2

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280 View Post
Well it makes sense. Spidey isn't a trained fighter, so even though he has the ability to stop and counter a thugs attack, he may not have the technique to successfully return the attack, where as Batman, an expertly trained martial artist will use an opponents attack against them. He has a very distinct technique. Spidey's is more 'organic' or evolving as he gains experience. In pretty much all Spidey games, we've never really seen his fighting style be given a lot of thought. He just kind of swings away, or uses stupid web hammers. Im really looking forward to seeing how is 'lucha libre' inspired fighting style will look in this game.
I agree with this. Batman uses his knowledge of fighting whereas Spider-man uses his speed, agility, and wits to overcome his foes. It's kind of funny when you think about the 'lucha libre' fighting style that's being used in this game. And it sort of makes sense too...Peter is a pretty smart guy and was thinking to himself..."I've got the speed and strength to fight enemies but my moves are pretty lame." Then he gets the idea to watch some Mexican wrestling on ESPN the Ocho and takes some ideas from there and tries to incorporate those moves into his skill set.

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