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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game - Part 2

Originally Posted by Wolvieboy17 View Post
Agreed. It would way cooler and more in keeping with a true Spider-Man experience if you had to take into account what type of swings you were doing in order to gain speed and momentum. Start of with a few, big, long swings in order to use the momentum and gain speed and then once you have it, keep going with medium, smaller swings in order to cover more distance and be ready to change direction, but all at the same speed.

I know people love the swinging in some of those past Spidey games, that had a boost feature, but it was seriously broken at points. When you would get to the very end of a swing and be on a horizontal webline and then you could 'boost' to go further up? That was just silly and game breaking. This game should have grounded physics, not the physics from Trials Evolution.

If you really want an immersive Spidey game that lets you feel like Spidey, we should be doing things his way. He doesn't have any magical 'speed boost' abilities, he just uses regular momentum and physics. Imagine jumping off a tall building, building up speed and then going straight into a webswing from that. That's all the boost I need.
Agreed completely. One of the things i remember hating about SM3 is you could come to a dead stop on your web line, then magically float in any direction you wanted. The lack of physics was just jarring and like you say, completely takes you out of the experience.

We've never gotten the deep swinging system we need, nor do i think this game will deliver that, but throwing physics out the window won't help.

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