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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game - Part 2

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280 View Post
Yea i was thinking this as well, but to what extent? How much speed would he really be making up and would that add to the gameplay without coming across as to hokey? I think if you want a more authentic experience, the 'boost' should be tied to spideys position before he fires his web line.

I mean i agree tho, if they can make a boost look authentic and not just feel like spidey is swinging faster for the hell of it then fine, but again, i dont think its needed if we are given the proper swing mechanic.
Problem lies too though with the fact that you don't want to make it toooooooo realistic, or speed challenges and ability to reach and dodge certain areas can be too difficult and frustrate gamers to not want to continue too. Gotta find a medium between the two.

Id prefer a boost button honestly. But make it make sense. change his body position or "thwip" faster. Maybe he pulls the webing when swinging rather than letting the inertia alone do it?

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