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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

We don't know If Iron Man will be back.Robert downey JR's contract Is up after Iron Man 3.So Disney will have to pay up for him to return.It's unclear If Jeremy Renner has contract for more films.I never heard any talk of that.

Capt,Thor,Banner/Hulk,and Black widow should all return.With The Falcon being Introduced In Captain America:The winter Soldier he could he added to Lineup.

The only way for spider-Man to appear if for DIsney and sony to reach deal.

Nick fury and Maria Hill should appear as Shield's pesence In film.

I personally would give Downey the money to return,drop Hawkeye,and only new avenger possibly appear Is Ant-Man Is his film comes out before The Avengers 2.

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