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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

I personally really hated the art direction on this one. Everything was so line-y and blocky. Even the rocks were all in clear cut formations. The coveys looked SIGNIFICANTLY different too. Too bad the old art director left. I hope they replace the Halo 4 guy for Halo 5. Halo is meant to look realistic, not stylised.

The acting/directing/writing was phenomenal though! Best in the series!

The new music style was great and I'm all for it as long as they keep him for Halo 5 and 6.

I want more variety of weapons. Not the same weapons with different skins.

Don't screw around with the fundamentals that much more now. we have sprint and armour abilities, just leave it at that. Don't add some random new **** that changes everything and forces everyone to re-learn the game all over again. Halo 1-3 was consistent and felt like a rounded trilogy. Halo 4-6 should do the same thing. It should be different than the OT - which Halo 4 was - but 5 and 6 should play like 4. The only change I would be ok with would be the enhancements that will develop from MC's interaction with the librarian.

Bring back the Arbiter. I want to see him and Chief develop a solid partnership. IMO he should have been apart of the rescue mission coming to save MC in the first place, or have shown up when Earth was under attack.

Explore what happened with Cortana.

What happened to the Spartans who went looking for Onyx?

Bring back Kelly!

And finally, the ability to carry a total of 8 grenades (with whatever combo you want. 4 plasma, 4 frag. 8 plasma, no frag, etc). In halo 1-3 he could carry 8, why can't he carry more than 6 now? And technically, he should be able to carry 8 frags and none of the others if he wanted, right?

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