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Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post

He better talk about X-Men
I don't know, James was on a couple of weeks ago and I think the only mention of X-Men was when Norton introduced him as "he's played in this film, this film, and this film...". No mention of DOFP was given.

Fassy's been shooting a TON of films this year, and depending on who the other guests are I'm not sure they'll have time to cover DOFP. Especially if his answer is going to be just as vague as we've seen from everyone else, like "it's going to be fun" or "I'm looking forward to working on it". I don't watch GN regularly but I get the impression that it's more about asking guests about projects in production or post-production or that are about to hit theatres, rather than ones that are still in pre-production stage.

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